Standard Poodle

You are just wondering which dog you find under the term “standard poodle”? Well, surely you have already heard of the term “King Poodle”? Then you now have the standard poodle in front of your inner eye. Because both terms refer to the same breed of dog.

Not all of us have actually been able to experience them in the flesh. However, if you are interested in dog breed shows, you will certainly have come across him. Of course, they are much more than show dogs. Even if you don’t see it on them nowadays, they really have so much to offer. No, they are not the perfect dog for every dog lover. But they carry various secrets with them, which we should get to the bottom of.

Character of the Standard Poodle

Even though the Standard Poodle is not always given much credit, it is fair to say that he is one of the most intelligent dog breeds to be found. For that is exactly what they are. They are intelligent, extremely docile and also very easy to train. It is no wonder that they cut a very good figure in various dog sports disciplines. They also often win prizes in dog sports. They can even be found among guide dogs. This is because they are loyal and like to stay by their human’s side. Because of their loyalty and ability to learn, they are also very popular among rescue dogs as well as therapy dogs. In these fields they can make use of all their innate potential.

Aggression or the tendency to friction, whether with humans or with other animals, is completely foreign to them. So it is not surprising that they are absolutely unsuitable as guard or watchdogs. Intruders would greet them with an invitation to play. Nevertheless, he can certainly be taught to watch over the children of the family. For him, this belongs in the category of play. And play is what he loves to do for a living.

The historical background of the Standard Poodle

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to reconstruct exactly where the standard poodle first appeared. However, it is certain that there was already talk of curly dogs more than 2000 years ago. France is generally given as the country of origin. But if we want to be honest, it could just as well have been UK. The FCI finally registered France as the country of origin. But all friends of the standard poodle know that this statement would have to be called unexplained.

According to records, the poodle was used for hunting waterfowl from the 14th century onwards – with good success. From the 19th century, however, the interest of circuses fell on these beautiful animals. Because of the intelligence of this dog breed, the circus people had a new attraction in their hands. Not only a visually beautiful dog, but also one that could be taught fantastic tricks with which to thrill the audience. Fantastic!

The entry into the circuses was the beginning of the loss of the hunting instinct. Whether this has completely disappeared, however, depends on the breeding line. It may well still be present in a rudimentary form. One thing, however, has remained in any case – the joy of retrieving!

Even the nobility began to take an interest in this feast for the eyes of a dog. Thus, in the 1960s, the standard poodle was even able to take over the place of the most popular dog from the German shepherd.

The colours of the Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is very often seen in black or white. But he can also appear in other issues. According to the international standard, apricot, cream, sable, grey as well as brown are permitted. In addition, the combinations harlequin and “black and tan” can be found.

What are the requirements of the Standard Poodle?

Strictly speaking, the standard poodle makes only few demands. The most important thing for him is to find a family, an owner, who is as loyal to him as the dog is to humans. It is almost a must that the owner takes care of a proper occupation of the animal. Its intelligence literally demands it. Various options are available to the standard poodle for this:

Pure family dog with lots of playing and walking

  • Companion dog
  • Agility
  • Man Trailing
  • Tracking dog
  • Rescue dog
  • Therapy dog
  • Guide dog
  • School dog

As you can see, this dog can be kept busy in many different ways. No, he even has to be kept busy in many ways. Otherwise he will get bored. As he has a great intelligence, he could then get many stupid ideas, which could make life difficult for his owner, his family. This starts with biting shoes, newspapers or books and ends with jumping over fences and running away. Believe it or not, dogs have a large number of strange ideas. Ideas that they themselves find great, but we humans do not.

It is therefore necessary to offer the dog a physical as well as mental workout. Dog sports in particular are a very good outlet for this. Whether agility, mantrailing, dog frisbee or even dog dancing and trick dogs can be chosen according to personal preferences.

Several disciplines or a combination with long walks or regular jogging units for dog and master are also conceivable. In this respect, this dog will adapt to the owner and enthusiastically perform the activities that suit him and that are put on the scale by his owner.

Certainly, it is always an advantage for a dog of this size to have a garden so that the dog can occupy itself a little. However, a garden is not a must.

Because of his love for people in general and “his” people in particular, living together with the standard poodle is relatively uncomplicated. Yes, he may be a little demanding from time to time with his drive and intelligence. But he is both easy to train and lead, so he would even be an option for the enthusiastic beginner. Of course, the latter should be aware that the standard poodle is very agile and does not fall under the term “coachpotato”. One should bring along a certain athleticism to do justice to the standard poodle.

The Standard Poodle and its health

Basically, the standard poodle is a very robust representative. Sometimes a nervous paw licking can be observed. Furthermore, there is a tendency to ear infections as well as tonsillitis. The musculoskeletal system as well as the internal organs are relatively immune to infections or other diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Standard Poodle

Grooming is both an advantage and a disadvantage. For on the one hand, standard poodles do not shed. This makes them a good option for allergy sufferers to get a dog. While daily brushing of the coat should be firmly scheduled into the daily routine of the standard poodle owner, it should not be forgotten that a regular visit to the groomer for clipping should be scheduled.

And for those who immediately think they could do this themselves – yes, but please really only if they already have experience in clipping poodles. Perhaps the groomer or breeder would be kind enough to give a crash course so that one or the other shearing can be done himself.

His robust health is a great advantage. Wind and weather do not bother him, so that you can (and must) really go out into the open air every day or let off steam at the dog park. The ears should be checked regularly to minimise the risk of ear infections.

Yes, this dog can and will exercise. Certainly, the urge to move is not as great as in other dog breeds of this size. Nevertheless, even if you live in a flat, you should give the dog, and thus yourself, the daily pleasure of extended walks. These commonalities weld people together.

The perfect person for a Standard Poodle

Like all dogs that are a little bigger, the standard poodle is naturally happy to have a little house or flat with a garden where it can run free. Any owner of a standard poodle should be quite sporty, as this dog loves a physical challenge. Of course, this can be lived out in agility or trick dog just as much as in extended walks or a daily jogging or cycling round, in which the dog of course must not be missing.

The standard poodle is, of course, a family member who is given an appropriate place by the owner. This fact must be clear to every poodle owner. You cannot put this dog in an extra room. He would remember this and be offended for a long time. There are even said to have been depressed poodles due to this handling.

The poodle is not a herding or guard dog, yet he can be trusted with one’s children. As a member of this pack, he will look after them and, if in doubt, defend them. For the pack is above all.

The willingness for daily brushing and regular clipping must be present. Because even though the Poodle is definitely an option for allergy sufferers due to its non-hairiness, it is dependent on good coat care. Otherwise it will quickly become matted. And then there would be only one solution: complete shearing.

Buying the puppies of the Standard Poodle

It is not always easy to find the right breeder, the best breeding line and ultimately the right puppy. A great many components come together. As can be noticed at the moment, i.e. in the Corona Lockdown, not much is given to breeding lines. This is because enquiries for puppies have increased for all dog breeds.

Unfortunately, the serious breeders cannot cope with this onslaught. Therefore, it is to be feared that many hobby breeders and especially the so-called multipliers will flood the country with puppies. However, it is still necessary to warn against buying puppies from breeders in particular. Because no one will be able to give a guarantee for the health of these animals.

In addition, the prices for puppies are unfortunately shooting up mercilessly. Unfortunately, it does not matter whether it is a reputable breeder or an unscrupulous multiplier. The law of supply and demand prevails here. A situation that should never occur when selling puppies.

Therefore, I would like to appeal to you once again to only buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, preferably a VDH-registered breeder. Here the buyer can rely on the fact that the breeding line and the breeding purity are kept and that he will take over a healthy puppy.

Incidentally, the reputable breeder will put every prospective buyer through his paces. He will never leave the puppy with the prospective buyer after only one visit. He will also give a lot of good tips to make sure the puppy is doing well. Whoever shows interest will learn the whole history of this breeding line. And a truly interested person will of course want to know this.

First equipment for the Standard Poodle

  • Dog collar
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash, in addition possibly a drag leash
  • Water and food bowl, if possible easy to clean
  • Dog bed / blanket for lying on
  • Long hair brush
  • Undercoat brush
  • Dog comb / lice comb
  • possibly clippers for dogs (but these should only be used if you really know how to use them).
  • Dog food
  • possibly toys
  • possibly treats

Dog food for the Standard Poodle

As a puppy, the standard poodle needs an appropriate food due to its already high urge to move, so that it does not fall into a state of deficiency due to growth.

In adulthood, on the other hand, it is important that he is fed a balanced diet. BARFEN would be ideal for him, as he already knows this type of food from the past, since as a hunting dog he had access to the fresh food that the hunt yielded for him.

Basically, he should be fed a food that is not only balanced but also of high quality. Yes, food can also cause harm if the quality is not right. Therefore, with regard to the health of the animal, it makes sense to rather buy good quality food, whether dry or wet or fresh, and to spend a little more, but to be able to avoid the vet with regard to problems with the digestive tract or corresponding after-effects.


The standard poodle is not only intelligent, willing to learn and easy to train. In addition, it can be integrated into the family very well and adapt to “its people”. Certainly he is not a watchdog, but when it comes to his family he can rise to his full height. Anyone who is interested in a standard poodle should also be active in sports themselves, because the urge to move should not be underestimated.

Another advantage is that with sufficient exercise, the standard poodle can adjust to life in a flat, even in the city, as long as he can be with his humans.

A great dog that is sometimes completely underestimated and reduced to its appearance as a show dog.


How much does a standard poodle cost from a reputable breeder?

The regular price for a puppy from a reputable breeder is between £1500 and 2000. However, in these times when demand is extremely high and hobby breeders and multipliers are booming, quite different prices can be charged.

In this respect, it makes sense to stick to VDH-registered breeders, even if you may have to wait for your dog. With them, you can be sure that the dog will be handed over in good health and that everything is in order.

Where does the standard poodle come from?

The home of the standard poodle is France.

How old does the standard poodle live?

The standard poodle can reach an age of 12 years old. Of course, good husbandry and feeding are advantageous for this.

What is the size and weight of the standard poodle?

The standard poodle can reach a height of 45 to 60 centimetres, whereby the females are slightly smaller than the males. The weight measures 18 to 28 kilograms.

How many puppies does the standard poodle have?

Certainly it varies from litter to litter. However, the average litter of the standard poodle has four to five puppies.

Is the standard poodle a hunting dog?

Originally, the standard poodle was bred as a hunting and working dog. Today, however, they are “only” used as a working dog, family dog and show dog.

Does the standard poodle have a hunting instinct?

Breeders have put a lot of effort into minimising the hunting instinct of the standard poodle. Certainly, it depends on the breeding line whether more than a remnant of the hunting instinct is actually still present.

Nevertheless, one should not rely on the fact that this instinct has really disappeared completely. Otherwise, it should be considered whether an “anti-hunting training” would have to be completed. Various dog schools offer this course.

Is the standard poodle fond of children?

The standard poodle loves his people and especially children. For them, he is the most patient dog of all and puts up with almost everything. He likes playing in the garden best of all. Basically, he is up for ball and tug-of-war games.

For this reason, the standard poodle is a very good idea as a family dog. One must not forget that he is easy to train, which makes him very adaptable to the needs of the family. If you choose the standard poodle as a family dog, you will have one more family member. Because he will not let himself be taken off again.

Can the standard poodle be kept in a (city) flat?

The standard poodle is able to adapt to the conditions of its habitat. Thus, it can also be adapted to life in a flat without becoming depressed, as would be possible with other standard poodle breeds.
However, it should always be kept in mind that this dog, despite everything, has a relative urge to move. This means that sufficient options must be available to satisfy this: a dog meadow, a dog sports field, an easily accessible forest where walking is possible. Then nothing stands in the way of the city flat. Otherwise, one should decide in favour of the dog and its needs.



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