Standard Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is well known to us because of his cheerful appearance. There was once a time when he was automatically associated with senior citizens.

Somehow it seemed to be mainly the elderly who were seen with this dog. Perhaps a prejudice? In any case, this dog has more to offer than just being a companion dog. He can keep an eye on things as well as keep the garden free of rodents and other vermin.

Yes, somehow he actually has fire in his blood and that is exactly why he is a great companion and family dog. No, he is not suitable for the couch potatoes among us. He needs too much exercise for that. Otherwise, however, he definitely has more going for him than one might imagine from his sometimes elitist appearance.

Character of the Standard Schnauzer

Attention – here comes a little temperament bundle. Certainly, rest is necessary from time to time. But it is much more fun to explore the area, to play and to self-confidently conquer the rank, with humans and animals, which is one’s due. Of course, the little guy has his own standards and idea of what position he is entitled to.

If someone should stand in his way in this respect, one can certainly discuss it or simply take the position. Let someone get past him first.

No wonder, then, that he is considered a stubborn contemporary. Despite this characteristic, he likes to learn and, above all, learns quickly. Of course he wants to please his owner.

And should there ever be any discussions, there is always a way to get him to give in. If necessary, with a new lesson and a treat.

It is an advantage if you are as shrewd as the Schnauzer. Because submissive is not his thing. So this also means showing him who is in charge in the house right from the start. And NO – it is not the Schnauzer.

As affectionate, loyal, protective and watchful as the Schnauzer is, unfortunately his irritation threshold is also low. So if you live in an unruly neighbourhood, you can experience how vehemently this dog defends its territory and unfortunately will strike far too often. No, he is not a barker. But he lets you know when something bothers him, no matter what it is.

You can’t really say that you should get a Standard Schnauzer as a beginner’s dog. You should have a little bit of experience with dogs. Otherwise, it could happen that he takes the reins in his hands / paws, unnoticed by everyone, and doesn’t want to give them back.

The historical background of the Standard Schnauzer

If you listen to the experts, the Standard Schnauzer is considered the standard in relation to all Pinschers and Schnauzers. In earlier times, these dogs were considered companions of coachmen and travelling merchants. It was their job to defend these people’s belongings independently and, of course, confidently against thieves. A task they accomplished with flying colours.

The fact that they were also the owner’s best friend was often secondary, but it certainly left its mark on the breed. And in the stables where they spent the night, they went about their second job – chasing away or killing rodents and vermin.

It was not until quite late, around 1870, that standard breeding began, as was already known from other dog breeds. In 1895 the breeding of today’s companion dog “Standard Schnauzer” began.

In the meantime, it was impossible to imagine the inner cities without the Schnauzer. Even though this hype has died down, the Schnauzer is still one of the most popular dog breeds in UK. Around 500 puppies are born every year.

By the way, Schnauzer mixes are still very rare.

The colours of the Schnauzer

The usual colour of the Standard Schnauzer is called “pepper black”. But also black with black undercoat is often seen and also permitted by the standard.

The coat is short to medium long. There is also a dense undercoat. The dog can therefore go out in wind and weather without having to reckon with any problems. The dense undercoat keeps the dog at a good temperature, in summer as well as in winter.

What are the requirements of the Standard Schnauzer?

If you are looking for a dog that needs a lot of care and attention, the Standard Schnauzer is a bad choice. A medium coarse brush and a comb are quite sufficient, but are rarely needed. This is because this dog seems to be equipped with a self-cleaning function.

The Standard Schnauzer and its health

This question is actually superfluous with the Standard Schnauzer. His breeding has been very well supervised since 1895, that is, since the beginning of breeding as a companion dog, so that no hereditary diseases have developed. He has an extremely robust health, so that the vet rarely sees him.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Standard Schnauzer

He can be quite headstrong, the Miniature Schnauzer. But unlike other dog breeds, it is no problem for him to give in once in a while. He does not necessarily have to have the upper hand. But if you let him have it, he will not give it up voluntarily.

Nevertheless, he is a very loyal dog who is willing to learn and who is not “everybody’s darling”, but who does not become aggressive either.

Basically, he is relatively undemanding in his attitude, which is why you save yourself and the animal a lot of stress – no grooming, no frequent visits to the vet. He just needs a lot of exercise, you can’t deny him that.

Disadvantages – No, if he is treated correctly, according to his needs, this dog simply cannot show any disadvantages.

The perfect person for a Standard Schnauzer

It would be nice if the Standard Schnauzer could find a person who understands him. This means his temperament on the one hand and his need for peace and security on the other. “His” human knows exactly when he feels like playing or exercising or when he feels like rest and a cuddle.

His” human is welcome to have a family. Then the Standard Schnauzer will have even more favourite people to look after him and play with him. At the same time, he is happy to be allowed to guard the family.

No, he is not an aggressive watchdog to be feared. However, everyone would do well to show him respect. Every owner of a Standard Schnauzer knows this and can well accept it.

Enjoyment of exercise should be on the agenda for the whole family. When not on walks, the Standard Schnauzer loves to play with young and old. This can take up whole hours.

It is best to plan them in good time, because once he has started, it is also difficult for humans to interrupt or even stop him.

Of course, it would be nice for the Miniature Schnauzer to have a garden, i.e. his own territory, to defend. This does not even have to be very large. The main thing is that he is allowed to guard it!

Buying the puppies of the Miniature Schnauzer

When looking for a suitable breeder for Standard Schnauzer, you should definitely look at VDH. However, the Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub 1895 is also a very good place to start.

Make absolutely sure that you not only like the breeding dogs, but also that the chemistry with the breeder is right. Because most breeders only give their puppies to people they like. Understandable, isn’t it?

So at the beginning of the search is finding the right breeder. This breeder will not only invite you to an informational interview first of all, during which both sides will be informed about each other’s aspirations.

You will probably have to answer questions:

  • Why do you want a dog?
  • Why should it be a Miniature Schnauzer?
  • Why is a puppy from this breeding line being asked for?
  • Do you already have dog experience?
  • Are there other animals in the household?
  • Are there children present and if so, what age?
  • Yes, the breeder also has questions for you. In return, he will answer all the questions you ask him. In particular, you should pay attention to the health of the breeding line and also pass various examinations of the puppies.

These include, among other things, testing for HD and ED. Most breeders draw up a protection contract. This is now standard.

First equipment for the Standard Schnauzer

  • Dog collar
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash, in addition possibly a drag leash
  • Water and food bowl, if possible easy to clean
  • Dog bed / blanket for the resting place
  • Long hair brush
  • Undercoat brush
  • Dog comb / lice comb
  • possibly dog clippers (but these should only be used if you really know how to use them).
  • Dog food
  • possibly toys
  • possibly treats

Dog food for the Miniature Schnauzer

Make it easy on yourself: buy a high-quality food and if the dog likes it, just stick with it. You can also cook the food yourself or barf it. But please – only if you really know your way around it, okay? This dog wants a “tasty” food, but otherwise he is absolutely light-footed.


A fun little guy who goes through the day with lots of energy. It seems he can never get enough exercise, never enough stimulation for his head.

No, he is nowhere near as intelligent as other dog breeds, and yet the Standard Schnauzer is a popular, loyal dog that has established a very good reputation as an unassuming watchdog in many regions. Children are his best friends. Nevertheless, he is watchful and above all absolutely incorruptible. No one can fool him so quickly.


Is the Miniature Schnauzer a family dog?

Even though the Standard Schnauzer has been classified in the watchdog group, it is an excellent family dog with which the whole family will have fun. With smaller children, an extra eye should be kept on the team. Older ones, on the other hand, will have their fun with him.

Is the Miniature Schnauzer difficult to train?

Once the Standard Schnauzer has understood who is the master of the pack, he learns easily and gladly. However, a certain amount of assertiveness is necessary, so he is not necessarily suitable for a beginner. However, knowing that he pleases his master when he carries out his commands, he will do anything to make sure that is the case.

What food does the Standard Schnauzer need?

If you were able to offer him a food that he likes and that is also good for him, stick with this food. This dog is very light-footed, so you only need to adjust the amount of food to his size and his workload.

Are hereditary diseases to be expected in the Standard Schnauzer?

The Standard Schnauzer has a very robust health. No knowledge of diseases has been revealed to date.

Does the Schnauzer belong to the large or medium sized dogs?

The Medium Schnauzer has a body size that clearly places it among the medium-sized dogs.

How much does a Standard Schnauzer cost?

In principle, a puppy can be acquired from an experienced breeder for £750 or more. However, it will be best to simply ask the breeder directly.

Where does the Standard Schnauzer come from?

The origin of the Standard Schnauzer in Germany.

How old does the Standard Schnauzer become?

A healthy Standard Schnauzer that comes from a good breeding line can easily live to be 14 years old. Some will live even longer.

How tall and heavy is the Standard Schnauzer?

The shoulder height of the Standard Schnauzer is between 45 and 50 centimetres. The difference between males and females is rather slight.

The weight is adapted to its size. It is measured at 14 to 20 kilograms.

All Schnauzers that are far below the above-mentioned measurements in terms of size or weight are considered Miniature Schnauzers.

How many puppies does the Standard Schnauzer have?

An average litter of a Standard Schnauzer produces 5 to 8 puppies. As usual, deviations both upwards and downwards are possible.

Is the Standard Schnauzer a hunting dog?

No, strictly speaking this dog should not be called a hunting dog in the classical sense. Nevertheless, you can be prepared that he will definitely keep the garden, the family’s property free of rodents and other, small pests in the garden. Those who own cats should get the dog used to them from an early age. Otherwise, he will probably assert himself and turn the garden, the house into a cat-free zone.
The reason for this “sense of order” lies in the distant relationship to the Pinscher. He also has the idea that smaller four-legged friends are not wanted in their environment. An idea that has been passed on magnificently. However, today he is not really acquired for this purpose. So the answer to this question should be no.

Is the Standard Schnauzer a family dog?

The Standard Schnauzer has proven to be a perfect family dog. He is robust, persevering and definitely fixated on “his” family. He feels comfortable in their midst. But please – a little persistent exercise is called for. Because this dog has a temperament. He needs exercise and intellectual balance.

Children can have just as much fun with him as adults. Dog sports are a very good idea for everyone involved.

But of course the dog will also have fun with the children all afternoon. However, please remember that this dog not only looks smart, but is smart too! This means that as a family dog he must know exactly where his place is within the family structure.

If he is given free rein in this respect, you will soon notice that a change of power has taken place. It would not be easy to reverse this, but it can be done.

But the shrewd dog owner will take precautions. Because there is one thing you have to give the Middle Schnauzer – as stubborn as he can be, he easily adapts to new lessons.

As a family and companion dog, you can’t go wrong with the Standard Schnauzer.

Can the Standard Schnauzer be kept in a (city) flat?

From a purely spatial point of view, it should not be a problem for the Standard Schnauzer to be kept in a flat. However, it is absolutely essential that sufficient exercise is provided. He has a very strong urge to move, so long walks, lots of time in the dog run or on the dog sports field are the order of the day.
Give him tasks so that he has a mental challenge as well as physical exercise. The fact that his sleeping place will then be in a flat will no longer bother him. However, if this compensation cannot be created, there is a danger that he will make himself heard loudly. The neighbours would not like this.



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