How to choose the right wireless dog fence for your yard?

Wireless containment systems are among the most popular fencing systems among dog owners these days. They are easy to install, portable and you can’t actually see them so they won’t ruin your beautiful back yard. Still, with so many advantages, wireless systems are not designed to fit every yard. They are built for open space yards that don’t have too many trees or bushes on the premise.

There are three main things to consider about your yard when thinking about purchasing a wireless dog fence:

  • size
  • landscape
  • shape

Your yard size

With wireless systems, what you see in the producer’s specifications is what you get. Of course, some systems can be extended by purchasing an extension kit but you will also need a unit that is powerful enough in order to allow this. Usually, the maximum containment area a wireless unit is capable of covering is about 25 acres which can be a bit small if you have more than one dog or your dog is very active and needs daily exercises.

If neither the initial nor the extended kit is a good fit for your yard, you could consider adding more units in order to create overlapping areas. First you’ll have to check with the producer and see if the system allows this.

Wireless systems are extremely popular among dog owners who have small yards and almost no trees and bushes. On flat ground, where there are no impediments, these systems are capable of doing a fantastic job.

Your yard landscape

The landscape is another factor that will affect the proper functioning of your wireless fence system and implicitly your relationship with Fido. Because of landscape items like trees, bushes, metal objects and/or buildings your dog might receive unnecessary corrections (signal interruptions) that will definitely confuse him/her. In order to maintain a well-delimited confinement area, the collar must be in direct connection with the unit that generates it. This means a direct line of sight from the dog to the receiver that is usually placed inside the owner’s home. The signal can pass through certain objects, but it is easily disrupted by large or metallic objects. Even a bigger hill could stand in the way of the signal sent by the collar to the unit in your home and this is why wireless systems should be implemented in areas where there are no obstructions.

Sloping yards and big metal objects are a definite no when considering a wireless dog fence. If this is the case of your yard then you should find an alternative solution like an in- ground fence system. This type of system can cover a larger area and doesn’t need any special setting in order to create clear and crisp boundaries for your dog.

Your yard shape

All wireless systems create a circular confinement area respecting a certain radius around the unit. We all know that most yards are shaped like a rectangular (best case scenario) or have irregular shapes that can’t be included in a circle. If you want the confinement area to respect the shape of your yard then you might reconsider choosing a wireless fencing system.

If, for example your home is situated in an urban setting with a small yard, creating a circular area that manages to keep the dog inside your yard might be very frustrating. You can either extend the boundaries into your neighbors’ yards, or simply create a small circle where your dog will feel more trapped than outside.

If the space is large enough, then creating a circular area big enough for your dog to play and feel comfortable shouldn’t be a problem. Another advantage with wireless dog fences is the fact that you can also create areas to keep Fido out, inside the confinement area. This way, if you have a garden where you don’t want him roaming around, these systems will do a great job at implementing boundaries.

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The wireless dog fence is an amazing product to have around the house for Fido’s safety if your yard respects the three aspects discussed above. You can add space to the confinement area with extension kits and you can reset the boundaries just as easily if the terrain and landscape allows it.

Another important thing to consider before you buy an wireless dog fence is your dog,you need to take your dog’s breed, size, training, and personality into consideration.



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