Used wireless dog fence Buyer’s Guide & Resources

Buying a used wireless dog fence is often thought of as a buyer-beware type situation, however, many times this does not need to be the case. With careful consideration, planning, and common sense, buying a second-hand system can offer you a quality product that is at a fraction of the price of a new system.

Four Types of Used Wireless Dog Fence you can choose

There are several options when it comes to purchasing a second-hand wireless dog fence system from where you buy it and what type of second-hand system it is.

  • There are open-box systems, where the box has been opened, but the system has never been used.
  • Returned units, where a person has returned the system undamaged simply because it did not work for them.
  • Refurbished units, where the manufacturer has repaired the system to a working order, often including a refurbished warranty for any faulty issues with the system.
  • And, of course, private sales where the system has been previously used by the seller.

Where can I find a used Wireless Dog Fence for sale?

There are many places that sell second-hand units that have been used; however, not all sellers offer every type of unit.

Craigslist, Kijiji, local classifieds, etc. offer used second-hand units or those that are passed their return-by date. These systems rarely, if ever, are under warranty and warranties are rarely transferrable. As such, make sure that the system is thoroughly tested PRIOR to purchase.

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eBay has a variety of sellers from manufacturers to individuals. Their return policies and guarantees can vary by product, country, and sale type. and other online websites often offer open box or returned products. These are often at a relatively low discount; however, they do include a 30-day return policy on these products and often include free shipping.

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Manufacturers websites will occasionally have refurbished units available. These are often backed by a limited warranty, possibly offer free shipping, and are certified to be in working order.

How do I go about finding the right system for me and my dog?

It is important to know what you are buying and to determine what you want to spend. Here are some helpful tips on knowing how to choose a second-hand wireless dog fence.

1. Figure out how much room you need to cover.

Every system covers a different range. Some are designed for small townhouse backyards whereas others are designed for 20+ acres. Understanding how much room you need to cover is the first step in finding the right system for you. After all, a system that is too large will allow your pet to go far beyond the boundaries that you want them contained to.

2. Determine which brands and models suit your needs.

Look at the different models that are available. See which ones are still being made and offer replacement collars, batteries, and other parts. This is particularly important if you are looking at using a system that does not have rechargeable batteries or if you have more than one dog.

3. Decide what type of second-hand system works for you.

Some people are fine with systems that have been used by others whether that person is local or across the country for a large discount. Others prefer paying slightly more for a newer system that has no marks on it, that they know has never been damaged, and possibly offers a warranty. This is a largely personal choice; however, the bigger the discount, the higher the risk.

4. Find a seller.

You can find second-hand systems from many sources. From individual sellers who are selling their old system to manufacturers selling returned or refurbished units. Find a seller that makes you comfortable and offers the best value based on your needs and wants.

5. Ask about return policies and warranties.

While individual sellers will be unlikely to offer a warranty, ask them how long you have to set up the system and make sure that everything is working fine. Manufacturers and large companies, such as, will offer a limited warranty and return policy. It is important to know what the limitations are on these.

6. Test the system (prior to purchase if possible).

Once you have the system, it is important to test it. In cases where you can test it before purchase, do so! This saves both you and the seller time and hassle. Once everything looks good, you can either take it home or in cases where you have purchased it first, leave it set up and start training your dog.



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