Wean the dog off barking – this is how it works!

Dogs bark. This barking belongs to the normal behavior of the four-legged friends and serves the communication. In coexistence with humans, dogs like to bark to warn or to indicate danger. Occasionally, however, the barking gets completely out of hand. Then the dog barks at every opportunity and especially for no apparent reason. Over time, this behavior becomes habitual and the dog barks almost incessantly. This can become an enormous test of nerves both for the dog owner but of course also for the neighborhood. Consequently, the four-legged friend must be weaned off the barking. But how does this work best?

Why does the dog bark?

Before the dog can be weaned off excessive barking, the trigger must first be found. That is, the dog owner must find out why the dog started barking and why it exaggerates this behavior in such a way. Some dog breeds tend to bark a lot. These include small dogs such as the Spitz, the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire terrier, but also some large breeds such as the German shepherd. Especially dogs with a great urge to move or even herding or guard dogs love to bark much more than some others. One should already inform oneself about it, before one takes the animal to itself. Mostly, however, the dog simply suffers from boredom. Just the above mentioned dogs need a task. If they do not have one, they start to vent elsewhere. This can lead to increased barking. This also includes when the dog simply receives too little attention. The dog must be well integrated into its family and also be treated accordingly. If one goes only twice daily with him before the door, that is not enough. Likewise, dogs that are constantly left alone like to bark.

Frequent barking can have many causes

From all this it follows that the animal often simply has too little exercise. This can be observed especially in small dogs. They are far too often underutilized because they are simply not trusted to move much themselves. They are carried in bags and are barely allowed to do their business outside. Other reasons for excessive barking can also be fear and insecurity. If, for example, a stranger comes near the garden or even into the apartment, this can cause uncertainty in the dog. Large vehicles such as tractors, buses or trucks can also cause such reactions in the dog. The protective instinct can also result in excessive barking. Many know it when the dog completely freaks out when the doorbell rings. Here, the protective instinct of the animal is addressed. And last but not least, the barking can also be based on a health problem. If the dog is in pain, for example, it also tends to bark.

Make walks exciting

Anyone who wants to break his dog of this unpleasant behavior should do so as quickly and as early as possible. The younger the dog, the easier it is. The imprinting phase of the dog lasts until about the 20th week. After that it becomes difficult and requires a lot of patience. First of all, the dog must be challenged according to his type, both mentally and physically. If the dog is balanced and tired, he will bark less. Long walks are suitable for this purpose. During this time, the dog should be romped and played with again and again, so that it is not too boring for the four-legged friend. Here one takes completely simply the favourite toy with and makes in between play breaks. Or you let the dog look for treats in the meadow. This also trains the head. The round, which one goes, should be changed again and again. The dog can always smell new things, which is very exciting for him. If you do this regularly, he will return home tired and lie down for a nap. This is especially important if the dog has to be left alone for some time during the day. A good option is also dog sports. Flyball, agility or Treibball is fun and challenging for many four-legged friends. However, the breed-specific characteristics must always be taken into account. A greyhound is not a suitable long-distance runner and a Newfoundland will not find joy in agility. In addition, the wrong sport is very harmful to the health of the dog.

Social contacts are important for the dog

Social contacts are of great importance for the dog. Already the puppy should be able to collect as many impressions as possible. He must get to know people, other animals and also the traffic. This prevents fear and insecurity. They do not arise in the first place. If the dog is already afraid, it must be trained. Obedience training is also important. In any case, the dog should learn the most important commands and also master them. If you train these over and over again, this challenges the dog and can help to train away inappropriate behavior.

React correctly

In any case, it is important to ignore the dog if it barks without reason and excessively. If the owner reacts by scolding, the dog gets attention. He feels confirmed and will bark again. This means that as long as he barks, he will be ignored. If he stops, one deals with the animal. He learns with it that he receives attention as soon as he is quiet. For example, the dog can be sent to its place or in the dog basket. But this behavior must be trained. The calmer and more relaxed the dog owner reacts, the better it is. Especially dogs with a pronounced protective instinct have a fine sense for nervousness. If the owner becomes nervous, the dog will bark because it believes its protection is necessary. With patience and practice, the dog can also be given the command to bark and stop. However, this requires a lot of training and a lot of patience.

Education collars only as a last resort

Only in particularly difficult cases can an anti-bark collar help. However, these collars should really only be used in an emergency. Dog owners should always have a professional explain how to use them. Dog collars that work with electricity are prohibited in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All educational collars can do more harm than good if used incorrectly. As a dog owner, you should always consider this before reaching for it.



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