How to Choose the Right Wireless Fence Based on Your Dog?

Everyone wants to keep their dog safe from harm whether that is from other animals, people, or something else. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep your dog safely confined to your property.

While there are many ways to do this, not all of them are created equal.

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Wireless fences are one of the newest ways to keep your dog safely contained without the use of chain link or wood that can cost a lot of money and block your view. They also do not require trenches to be dug, unlike wired invisible fences. Making them faster and easier to set up. But wireless dog fencing is not a one-size fits all type fencing. When considering this type of fencing, you need to take your dog’s breed, size, training, and personality into consideration.

What about my small dog, will this work for them?

It is important to take the size of your dog into consideration.

Many systems have a minimum weight of 5-8 pounds, depending on the unit, to ensure your dog’s safety. Small dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers may not be suited to wireless fences as they are just too small for many of the receivers. Many systems do not address this issue as small dogs are often unsuited to being left on their own outside as they are too easy for people to take or larger animals to harm. Often a secure physical fence is the best containment system for these small dogs.

On the other hand, large dogs such as American Bulldogs or Great Danes may require custom collars with a more intense correction to get their attention. While many will have no issue respecting the regular collars, some do require a little extra incentive to pay attention.

I have more than one dog, does this make a difference?

The number of dogs you have should also be an item to consider. While some systems may only accept 1-2 dogs, others are only limited by the number of collars you have.

When considering a wireless fence, it is important to not only consider the number of dogs you currently own but whether you are looking at adding any dogs in the future. It is also a good idea to consider whether you would use this for any dogs you take care of on a regular basis. It is always a good idea to overestimate the number of dogs that will use this system rather than to underestimate it.

Will this system work for my dog?

Whether for size or personality, some breeds of dogs do make better candidates than others for wireless containment systems.

Dogs that are more sensitive will often do well with a light correction, and there are some systems that offer a tone correction rather than a static one. Other dogs are much more stubborn, and it may take more than the highest correction setting on a normal collar to get their attention. For many systems, there is an option of a firmer correction collar that, while offering a higher correction, will not harm your dog but will get their attention much faster.

Hair length also needs to be taken into consideration. Most systems have long and short probes that can be changed to suit your dog since long-haired dogs will often not receive any correction if the hair is preventing the collar from making contact.

Dogs with a very high prey drive are often not well suited to these systems as they are often so focused on their quarry that they do not think twice about boundaries and will often not notice the correction due to their hyper focusing.

While all dogs have the potential to be aggressive, individuals with either dog or human aggression are often not good candidates for wireless fence systems as the temptation to cross may outweigh their respect for the wireless system. The same goes for protection dogs. Often these dogs will ignore the boundaries when protecting their home and families.

Another important thing to consider before you buy an wireless dog fence is your yard, you need to consider yard’s shape, size, and landscape.



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