Argentine Dogo

Actually, they look like a large bull terrier, or at least have a great resemblance to him. No wonder, the latter is significantly involved in the breeding of the Dogo Argentino. However, one should not be put off by the dog’s appearance.

Because this beefy-looking, big dog also has a huge, sensitive heart. He is a fantastic hunting dog who is absolutely loyal to his human. Here in USA the Dogo Argentino is rather the exception. At the same time it is a very interesting dog, which needs a bigger lobby.

Character of the Dogo Argentino

This dog shows us many facets, some of which we would not expect at all in him:

  • He is very friendly to all people. The prerequisite for this is of course a good socialization as a puppy and a very good basic training.
  • He is an athlete! And this athletic power, these abilities he wants to show absolutely. With this desire he stands in stark contrast to other Molossians who use their strength even when no one is looking. And yet they are all aware of their power. Besides potential, it is upbringing that determines whether a Molossian will use his power for or against man.
  • In his good nature and friendliness towards children you can also see his close relationship to the Molossians. Basically, he is friendly towards humans.
  • He is very watchful. But he guards his property, his territory without aggression. He knows, as said, about his strength and his imposing figure, so he can be sure that the optical threat will lead in most cases to the retreat of the intruder. Rightly so!
  • Encounters with other dogs, especially males, can cause him to give free rein to his dominant side. What few dog lovers and certainly not the other dogs know: His territory is everywhere he is. So, according to his logic, they are in his territory and have to get out of it. This dominant aspect of his nature must be kept under control. Once he has asserted himself, this can change the entire balance between master and dog.
The Dogo Argentino, as beautiful and impressive as he is, is absolutely not a dog for the beginner!

The historical background of the Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is descended from the Spanish Great Danes, which probably came to Argentina with the conquistadors. However, these dogs could not fully perform the hunting tasks they were supposed to do. Therefore, they were crossed with the bull terrier.

The heritage of the Molossians produced the Dogo Argentino as we know it today. Among other things, they were used to hunt pigs, as so-called sow packers. It is said that they first hunted the pigs, then grabbed them and did not let them go until the hunter finished the pig off with the Saufeder, a long spear.

Even today, he has the qualities to accomplish this task perfectly quietly and with sufficient cold-bloodedness when needed. Of course, in modern times he can not be taken to hunt so often. Of course, however, he still makes a fantastic picture as a hunting dog. Besides pumas and panthers, he is of course still used on pigs, but also on deer and other game.

Also in former times he was already gladly used as a yard and guard dog.

The colors of the Dogo Argentino

In terms of color, the Dogo Argentino is a real eye-catcher, because he is completely white. Since he has a black nose, he is not an albino. Rather, it is a genetic defect that colors the coat white. He received this heritage from his ancestor, the bull terrier. Unfortunately, because of this genetic defect, there is also a tendency to deafness. The white coat is a major point of contention.

In the standard, “pure white” is required. Any spot of a different color will result in exclusion from breeding for this dog. Only black spots around the eye are allowed as long as they do not exceed a certain size. An argument, against which the animal protection associations naturally bring various counter-arguments into play. After all, it is not the color that makes the dog. It is his striking physique, his strength, his efficiency and his endurance.

Its coat is short and thus absolutely easy to care for.

What are the requirements of the Dogo Argentino?

Even if it does not appear so at first, the Dogo Argentino is actually quite undemanding. The prerequisite for this is sufficient exercise as well as a permanent appeal to his intelligence. True, this dog is good-natured and fond of children, which is why it can be adopted into the family. Nevertheless, this can work only if he is busy. A day of rest could perhaps be needed by the owner once. However, the Dogo Argentino is usually very fit until old age. So there will be no rest days for the time being.

In terms of care and food, this powerhouse is quite undemanding. Only one thing he does not like too much: to be left alone for a very long time. But you don’t do that, do you?

The Dogo Argentino and his health

The white coat color of the Dogo Argentino appeals to many people. However, it is “only” due to a genetic defect that they inherited from the Bull Terrier. Unfortunately, this defect gene can also cause deafness or other damage.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of inbreeding. The consequential damages are of course not absent. Lacking physical load capacity, a rather shaky general health as well as a thereby dwindling life expectancy are to be expected due to this. This is a may statement. Of course, inbreeding consequences are not to be expected in all breeding lines. Here, timely, good research for the “right” breeder is advised.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a dog you can rely on, if you have managed to get him through the phase of socialization and basic training, without having to break his pride and without constantly getting into serious trouble with him. Unfortunately, as a former hunting dog, he can show a certain stubbornness.

Here it is necessary to remain consistent, but still affectionate. Never forget that this is a true muscle dog that could easily put you in his pocket if he wanted to. Fortunately, the Dogo Argentino is loyal to his master, so this is the most important step a Dogo owner can take: gain his trust and make him understand that there can only be one alpha in the pack. And that this will not be him.

The perfect human for a Dogo Argentino

The perfect human for this dog is already an accomplished handler with a very good dog mind. At best, he already has some experience with large, strong and slightly stubborn dogs with a strong urge to move and a good hunting instinct.

The perfect human knows how much work he has to do and that he has to be the alpha all his life so that this dog can accept him as such.

The perfect human owns a dog-friendly garden that is appropriately fenced in. So this dog can make his rounds in the garden also with pleasure once alone.

It is a matter of course to challenge this dog physically and mentally, so that he is not bored, but well exhausted and tired. Then it also works out with the family.

Buying Dogo Argentino puppies

With this particular breed of dog, even more than with others, it is important to look for a reputable breeder. The reason is his special potential, which has earned him in many regions of USA the reputation of the list dog / fighting dog.

The breeder always tries to find a good place for his puppies. Thus, especially with this dog, it is important not to leave him to just anyone. The breeder must be convinced of the abilities of the new owner. Because this dog is only a dog for people with a lot of knowledge about dogs and even more dog sense.

Please think BEFORE you buy what a powerhouse this dog is. He must be worked with well and permanently not only in basic training and socialization. This dog requires throughout his life that you set him tasks and give him a good workout. This is also what the breeder will tell you. And he will ask you the most important question: Can you do all this?

First equipment for Dogo Argentino

  • Dog collar
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash, additionally possibly a drag line
  • Water and food bowl, if possible easy to clean
  • Dog bed / blanket for the resting place
  • comb / lice comb
  • dog food
  • possibly toys
  • possibly treats

Dog food for the Dogo Argentino

This dog is like born for BARFING. This includes, of course, the delicious beef bone now and then. But since BARFEN is a science in itself, you should inform yourself accordingly beforehand.

But of course he also accepts any other high-quality food, wet or dry.


How much does a Dogo Argentino cost?

The Dogo Argentino is relatively rare in USA. It is to be counted on acquisition costs of at least $1,400 or more for him. In addition, of course, the initial equipment and the monthly costs. Since the Dogo Argentino is on the list of dangerous dogs in various federal states, certain regulations such as absolute leash requirement, muzzle, high fenced property are a prerequisite to obtain permission to keep this dog in the desired region. Check with your local regulatory office before purchasing. They will have the current information.

Where does the Dogo Argentino come from?

The name already suggests it: This dog finds its origin in Argentina. However, the search for its roots there is not over. Because the Dogo Argentino, as we know it today, was bred only since the year 1873, or rather the first steps were taken in this year. Ultimately, the ancestors of today’s dogs are the Spanish Great Danes, which entered the country with the conquistadors. As in many other breedings, it was the bull terrier that is responsible for today’s appearance and also the white color.

How old does the Dogo Argentino live?

The Dogo Argentino can reach a proud age of 10 to 14 years. This is a respectable age for a dog of this size. Of course, as an owner, you must provide the best possible husbandry at every stage of life so that this age can actually be reached.

What is the size and weight of the Dogo Argentino?

In this dog breed, males and females cannot be distinguished by height or weight. Both can reach a height at the withers of 60 to 68cm. In terms of weight, they will weigh between 40 and 50kg.

How many puppies does the Dogo Argentino have?

Larger dogs usually give birth to larger litters. The average litter of the Dogo Argentino consists of 5 to 8 puppies. Certainly, however, there are always reasons why more or even fewer puppies are born from a bitch.

Is the Dogo Argentino a hunting dog?

The original reason for breeding the Dogo Argentino was actually the desire to breed an adequate hunting dog. Among other things, panthers and pumas should be put with him. The original Spanish Great Danes were not designed for this purpose. Only the crossbreeding of the Bull Terrier brought the desired result.

Today the Dogo Argentino is no longer used for hunting. However, one could, because the genes are strong. Nevertheless, he is described as the great hunting dog with a heart for his family. However, it must be said that this dog breed is not very common in our country.

Is the Dogo Argentino a family dog?

It is true: the Dogo Argentino is a very good-natured dog that is child-friendly, undemanding and therefore actually easy to keep. One would think that he would therefore be well suited as a family dog. However, this is only partially correct. This dog can be very demanding in its upbringing. He has, as an actual hunting dog, sometimes his own head and begins to discuss or sit out lessons. This calls for an owner who can take full action in any situation. As a family dog, who just lives as another family member in the family, he is not suitable. If there are children in the family, a watchful eye should always be kept despite all good nature and joy in the children. The danger of doing something stupid can be reduced if the Dogo Argentino is well exercised. As the saying goes: tired dogs are good dogs.

Can the Dogo Argentino be kept in a (city) apartment?

The city is not a terrain for this dog. Even an apartment would have to be very spacious to satisfy the dog. The main problem, however, is that there are too many stimuli coming at the dog that could encourage it to use its genetic potential as a hunting dog. A dog of this size is simply in the wrong place in the city. He needs a garden and the possibility to follow his urge to move at any time.

Is it true that the Dogo Argentino is a list dog / fighting dog? – It is quite correct that in some federal states he is on the list of dangerous dog breeds. This makes it necessary in various regions to keep him consistently on a leash, use a muzzle and pass a temperament test. However, it is not a fighting dog, but it was still abused for dog fighting in various regions of the world in the 20th century. However, it should be noted that not a single dog in the world is born a fighting dog. If he became one, he was made to be one by man.

Can the Dogo Argentino be kept in the city?

No, the city is not suitable for this dog.

Is the Dogo Argentino an albino?

No, the white coat color comes from a genetic defect inherited from bull terriers. If he were an albino, he would not have a black nose, but a pink one.

Does the Dogo Argentino have a strong hunting instinct?

Yes, absolutely. According to its original breeding, this dog breed is a hunting dog. For this reason, early, good socialization is necessary, as well as a solid basic training of the dog.

Can the Dogo Argentino be kept as a family dog?

No, as a pure family dog this is the wrong dog breed. Certainly he is a jovial contemporary, friendly and open-minded to everyone. He is fond of children and a calm but determined watchdog. However, one should never forget that he is not a dog that can just run with the family. He needs not only address, but a concrete task and physical as well as mental workout. In addition, one thing must always be clearly communicated with him: The people / a concrete person have the say. The dog must never take the dominant role!


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