Peruvian Hairless Dog

Let’s face it: naked dogs are a reason to get into various discussions in many places. Many people are offended by the fact that naked dogs, as the name suggests, have no fur or only a few puffs of fur. What is a thorn in one person’s side is another person’s piece of gold. There are actually more lovers of naked dogs than one would like to believe.

Today we are talking about the Peruvian naked dog. A dog breed that has a long history, a long tradition. And whether you like him visually or not, this dog has his heart in the right place and is an absolute dream for his owner. No, he is not necessarily a beginner’s dog. But he is honest throughout. Because you wouldn’t judge a book by its cover either, would you?

Character of the Peruvian Naked Dog

The Peruvian Naked Dog is a dog that is absolutely adaptable and friendly through and through. He simply loves to spend his day with people. Therefore, it is important for him to form an intense bond with “his people”. It is not only his main reference person who gets to feel this affection.

Everyone who belongs to this family, this family group, will enjoy the exuberant affection of the Peruvian Naked Dog. This also applies to the children of the house and all other pets that exist in this household.

But he does not only want to spend time with the children, to play with them. Protecting “his” family members is also important to him. In this he is sometimes a little impulsive. So it can happen that a situation is misinterpreted and this family member is protected with everything necessary. This may also be the reason why many people call him strange. What is quite certain, however, is that all those who hurl the name “fighting dog” at him are simply in the wrong.

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Certainly, this trait needs to be regulated. But this is not a problem with a good training programme. Because this dog is intelligent and very inquisitive, he will quickly learn these new “tricks”. Once he has learned his lessons in dog training, he will be one of those easy to handle dogs that can be called off at any time. Then he knows only one master, to whose commands he will obey. It will certainly take some loving consistency to teach him all the lessons.

But beware: He is very sensitive, so you should not overdo it with the harshness. For socialisation, he should go to a puppy group at an early age. A subsequent dog school with an experienced trainer is exactly what he needs.

The historical background of the Peruvian Hairless Dog

As early as 750 BC, the people of the Moche culture immortalised hairless dogs on their clay vessels. This is perhaps the first evidence into which the Peruvian Hairless Dog tribe or its ancestors can be traced. At times they were the show dogs of the wealthy Incas. Great care was taken to ensure that they did not mate with “normal” dogs. During this period, the consumption of dog meat was strictly forbidden.

When the European conquerors invaded the country, many of these dogs were destroyed. Thanks to a few outlying villages, however, the dogs were able to survive there.

It was not until 1985 that the Peruvian Naked Dog was recognised as an independent breed by the FCI. With this step, there are now three breeds of naked dogs recognised by the FCI: The Peruvian Naked Dog, the Chinese Crested Dog and the Mexican Naked Dog. These three breeds are closely related, as a study in 2017 found.

The colours of the Peruvian Naked Dog

If we look at the Peruvian Naked Dog, we will notice that the dog’s skin, which is smooth, thick and very elastic, shows itself in the colours grey to black in various shades. Dark brown to light blond are also permitted. The solid coloured dog is preferred. But all colours are also accepted with white patches.

Due to the hairlessness, it is necessary for the light-skinned specimens to receive sun protection during the spring or summer months. Sunscreens suitable for dogs are commercially available.

It is also a good idea to wash the dog with a mild dog shampoo from time to time. A soft sponge can be helpful here. However, due to the dog’s natural skin milieu, this should not be done too often. Rinsing with water also rinses away the daily dirt and does not damage the skin.

The furlessness of this breed is explained by a spontaneous mutation. It apparently arose in the course of evolution. But contrary to assumptions, it actually brings advantages. For naked dogs are less likely to be attacked by ectoparasites than their hairy counterparts. And even if they are, it is very easy to find and pick off the troublemakers.

Due to the genetic constellation, it is possible to find hairy puppies in a litter. However, their coat growth is not really strong, so that they are also easy to handle in this point.

Apart from that, the Peruvian Naked Dog needs very little care: regular checking and possibly cleaning of the ears and trimming of the claws if necessary. That is all.

What are the requirements of the Peruvian Naked Dog?

This dog is an enthusiastic friend of long outdoor stays and loves excursions and walks. Not only because he can be with his master / mistress, but also because he is simply terribly curious. He wants to sniff everywhere and get to the bottom of everything.

A good basic training is absolutely necessary. You can also work towards training him as a companion dog for jogging. He is the ideal companion for this kind of sport, but must of course first be brought into the necessary condition.

He can also be taken for inline skating, cycling and horse riding if his training allows it. But please: Always at a pace adapted to the dog, right?

If you think you can score points with the Peruvian Naked Dog with “normal” ball and stick games, you will be disappointed. Because this is simply too boring for him – stereotypical repetition, after all. Instead, he is interested in learning tricks or other dog sports that bring a certain variety: Agility, dog Frisbee, dog dancing, tricks etc..

It’s worth trying out. And both, dog and master, will have fun. Sufficient time should always be planned, because this dog has a blessed endurance.

What are the requirements of the Peruvian Naked Dog?
What are the requirements of the Peruvian Naked Dog?

The Peruvian Naked Dog and its health

The Peruvian Naked Dog, like all other naked dogs, is not entirely weatherproof. In summer, it is necessary to always have dog sunscreen handy. Crazy enough, these dogs love the sunniest places. So you always have to keep a close eye on them in summer.

In winter, on the other hand, he gets cold quickly, so a warm dog coat is an absolute must. Even the normal pace of walking is enough to make him shiver. If, on the other hand, he is in the dog training area, the coat can be taken off temporarily in good winter weather. After training, however, it must be put back on immediately so that the dog does not catch a cold. The smaller the dog, the quicker it will freeze.

Due to breeding, these dogs do not have a complete set of teeth. As this is a breed specific feature, fortunately no health problems follow.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Peruvian Naked Dog

This dog is easy to care for, as it has no hair growth. Thus, the flat, the clothes – simply everything – remain absolutely clean. The hairlessness tempts many allergy sufferers to get this dog.

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Unfortunately, they have probably never been told that most of those who are allergic to dog hair “only” have an allergy to certain enzymes in the dog’s saliva. So I wonder if it can work.

The Peruvian Naked Dog is a dog that has a problem with almost any weather. In the summer, he can be drunk from sunburn. In the winter, he needs a warm dog coat, as he has not been able to develop a warming undercoat.

The biggest disadvantage of this dog is other people. There are very many opponents of naked dogs. The problem is that not only the genetic defect of hairlessness can be visible. Other problems can also show up.

Problems that can arise from the genetic defect, but do not have to. For encounters with these people, a thick skin of the owner will be necessary. After all, you cannot avoid them all the time.

The perfect person for a Peruvian naked dog is

  • equipped with a thick skin in order to listen to the often negative sayings of his fellow human beings regarding the naked dog per se. The better informed he is, the quicker he can enlighten the supposed enemy and take the wind out of his sails
  • happy to spend a lot of time outdoors with his persistent dog. The dog park, dog runs are also good places for master and dog
  • is open to the “something different” and is not only convinced of the animal’s excellent character
  • a player, a coach, a trainer who wants to rehearse many tricks with his dog. Much to the delight of all the others
  • a person who enjoys the dog’s nature, its character and does not focus on its appearance.

Buying Peruvian Naked Dog puppies

It is also true for the Peruvian Naked Dog that a purchase should be made from a registered breeder of the VDH. This dog breed is also the subject of a great deal of mischief in Puppy Mills. The reputable breeder is not to be favoured by his registration with the VDH. He can talk out of the closet and tell everything about the parents of the animal.

The serious breeder shows the pedigree of the dog without being asked as far as it goes. In addition, before taking over the puppy and even more so afterwards, the breeder will give advice and support to both dog and owner.

Since there are not many breeders of these dogs in our latitudes, you should contact them early if you are seriously interested.

First equipment for the Peruvian Naked Dog

  • Dog collar
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash, in addition possibly a drag line
  • If necessary, a dog coat for the cold season
  • If necessary, a protective blanket against strong sunlight
  • Water and food bowl, if possible easy to clean
  • Dog bed / blanket for the resting place
  • Soft baby brush for any hairy areas
  • Dog food
  • possibly toys
  • possibly treats

Dog Food for the Peruvian Naked Dog

The dentition of most Peruvian Naked Dogs is not complete. It is fortunate that this does not impose any dietary restrictions. Therefore, the advice given for most dog breeds applies: when feeding your dog, completely avoid sugar and grains and instead look for a food with a high meat content.

Depending on personal preference, wet or dry food can be used. In this regard, it should be remembered that a lot of liquid must be given with the dry food and that this is also absorbed by the dog. Often this can only be done by soaking the dry food, which is not to every dog’s liking.

The Peruvian Naked Dog tends to gain weight quickly. Therefore, attention should always be paid to a slim waist. If necessary, the daily food ration should be reduced.


His appearance takes some getting used to. But his character, yes, he can easily wrap you around his finger. It has to be said that he truly has a heart of gold and is nevertheless a reliable watchdog. You don’t have to be a dog expert to be happy with this dog. But you do have to enjoy lots of outdoor exercise, the dog has a penchant for enduring walks or long afternoons at the dog park.

Yes, he is hairless. But he is not worse off than other dogs because of it. Yes, hairlessness is denounced by many people, portrayed as cruelty to animals. Well, you can’t and don’t have to please everyone, right?


How much does a Peruvian Naked Dog cost?

The Peruvian Naked Dog is still a rather rare breed. So it is not surprising that the puppies are only available from a reputable breeder from £900. Depending on the breeding line, the price can move up or down.

Where does the Peruvian Naked Dog come from?

As the name suggests, the home of the Peruvian Naked Dog is the South American country of Peru. There, it can be found in records as far back as 750 BC. Although it should be noted that this was more likely its ancestors.

How old does the Peruvian Naked Dog live?

The Peruvian Naked Dog can live up to 15 years.

How big and heavy does the Peruvian Naked Dog grow?

To answer this question, you need to know that the Peruvian Naked Dog is divided into three specific types:

The small type: it has a shoulder height of 25 to 40 centimetres.

The medium type: It shows a shoulder height of 40 to 50 centimetres.

The large type: The large type grows to a shoulder height of 65 centimetres.

Depending on the type, the weight varies between 4 and 25 kilograms. Basically, the Peruvian Naked Dog belongs to a breed that is kept rather slender and athletic.

How many puppies does the Peruvian Naked Dog have?

With this dog breed, an average litter size of 4 – 6 puppies can be expected.

Is the Peruvian Naked Dog a hunting dog?

If the Peruvian Naked Dog does have a hunting instinct, it is only very weakly developed. Due to its basic training, this dog should be able to be easily retrieved at any time. Certainly he could learn the various lessons of the hunting dog test, but as these are based on constant repetition, this whole learning complex is far too boring for him to be seriously engaged in.

Is the Peruvian Naked Dog a family dog?

As the Peruvian Naked Dog usually has a very close bond with its owners and loves to integrate into the family, it is an optimal family dog. He is friendly and outgoing, even towards the children of the house and other pets. But beware: It is said that the Peruvian Naked Dog does not prefer to do anything but protect his family, especially the children and the women.

He is very impulsive and fervent. This can lead to possible attempts at protection, even though there is no emergency situation. His motto is probably to nip any eventuality in the bud before it can develop into something worse. If a watchful eye is kept on him, nothing can happen with the appropriate basic training.

Can the Peruvian Naked Dog be kept in a (city) flat?

Whether the Peruvian Naked Dog can be kept indoors and also in the city depends on its basic training. Before deciding on this, you should clarify whether you can do justice to his quite pronounced urge to move. The dog park with dog sports, daily long walks or dog exercise are a must if he is to live in a city flat. If the Peruvian Naked Dog finds an owner who can offer him all this, he will behave perfectly even in the busy city environment. However, if this exercise is lacking, unpleasant situations may arise based on the excess of energy.



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