Croatian Shepherd Dog

No one outside the country can really pronounce the Croatian name of the Croatian Shepherd Dog: Hrvatski ovcar. But that doesn’t matter, because we want to get detailed information about him. Certainly, he was classified among the herding and guard dogs. But that is not the end of the story for the Croatian Shepherd Dog. For he is a thousand-sassa and can somehow do everything a little bit. Maybe that’s why he feels so at home on the dog sports field. There is always something new to try out, isn’t there?

Character of the Croatian Shepherd Dog

The Croatian Shepherd Dog is the epitome of a herding dog. He appears casual and at the same time eager to do his job correctly. If the relationship with his human is optimal, one can literally speak of a symbiosis. A condition that is optimal for the shepherd’s work.

He has a strong character, is friendly to the people he knows and who “belong” to him. All other people are regarded suspiciously with a neutral acceptance. It takes him some time to let new people into his own small circle. Unfortunately, this also applies to growth with his people. With loving dominance, however, you can quickly point him in the right direction in this regard.

As characterful as the Croatian Shepherd Dog actually is, this must be put into perspective. He can only maintain this state of mind if he is challenged physically and mentally. What is often underestimated is his working rage. If he cannot master this work rage because there is too little work to do, he becomes comical. This can show itself in strong barking, wandering back and forth at the fence or similar behaviour. Once he has adopted these, there is no turning back. Then you have to live with it.

The Historical Background of the Croatian Shepherd Dog

This dog gained a firm place in Croatian society early on. No wonder, because he was urgently needed by the farmers as a herding dog. Records of his work in the country’s villages can be traced back over 1,000 years. And never has one been found among them that would have spoken negatively about him. No wonder he has remained with us in this form until today.

This dog simply herds everything: sheep, goats, cattle, poultry and, of course, children when it is asked to do so. Because of these skills, he is also able to guard the farmer’s yard, as he loudly announces every visitor. A better alarm system could not be afforded at that time.

Certainly, it is for these very reasons that it is surprising that he is relatively unknown outside Croatia. But perhaps this was precisely its advantage. For it has retained its positive qualities over the centuries. Qualities that still benefit him today.

The colours of the Croatian Shepherd Dog

Usually the Croatian Shepherd Dog is completely black. If a dog of this breed is found in another colour, it can be assumed that another dog breed has crossed with it. But mixed breed dogs are often just as fantastic as the originals.

What are the requirements of the Croatian Shepherd Dog?

The Croatian Shepherd Dog must know from the start who is the master of the house. No – wrong guess. It is not the dog! Strong, dominant and at the same time cordial leadership is a must for him! If he has the feeling that his humans do not know who should take over the leadership, he will quickly make himself available for this job. In this respect, regular visits to a dog training school from an early age until you are finally sure whether you have done and are still doing everything right.

Unlike other herding dogs, he is not a self-confessed workaholic. Nevertheless, he needs daily exercise for body and mind. As much as he likes to move around, he also likes to lie down in “his” garden and watch over his territory in peace and quiet. But be careful: If there is the slightest doubt, he will immediately be wide awake and on the spot. He should not be underestimated.

If you think that you will have to groom and care for this dog with the semi-long / long coat very often, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Grooming is as uncomplicated as the dog itself.

The Croatian Shepherd Dog and his health

Typical of a herding dog, the Croatian Shepherd Dog shows very good, robust health. In order to maintain this, optimal husbandry and above all physical and mental exercise are necessary. However, as he is very willing and likes to learn and work, it is also necessary to make sure that he does not overdo himself. As we all know, too much is not good either.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Croatian Shepherd Dog

The Croatian Shepherd Dog shows the typical signs and qualities of a herding dog. This can make his upbringing a little bumpy. For even though he demands consistency from his owner, heart must not be lacking in his upbringing and also in his socialisation. The more consistent heart can be brought in, the quicker the dog will come to terms with the fact that his owner is the alpha. However, in case of doubt, he would also take the lead easily and without asking.

Unfortunately, in this case he will also show his not so positive sides. This includes, among other things, that he punishes every intruder in his territory with loud barking. In training, this subject will be given a lot of attention.

It is important that he learns in which situations barking is not desirable, for example at the postman, while in other situations it is quite simply necessary to make yourself heard. For this purpose, there are special courses in dog schools where this difference can be learned impressively.

The Croatian Shepherd Dog absolutely needs a task, after all he is a herding dog. Whether you rely on your own outdoor sports such as jogging or cycling and always have the dog with you, or whether you choose the dog sports field with its various options, is not important for the dog. The only thing that matters to him is that he gets sufficient exercise every day.

If this requirement is not met, he may well turn into an unpredictable nuisance. But it doesn’t have to come to that if you use the phase of socialisation and basic training to be a team with the dog right from the start. Of course, he is also very welcome in herding dog clubs.

This robust animal has no health problems whatsoever. His diet is so uncomplicated that you could literally feed him anything. He is also an easy candidate for grooming, as occasional brushing and regular control of the claws are all he needs.

He is not a flat dog and certainly not a city dog. He also needs the option to move freely during the day. This is only possible if there is a large garden with his family.

The Croatian Shepherd Dog is not just a dog. The Croatian Shepherd is truly the best friend of his people.

The perfect person for a Croatian Shepherd Dog.

  • Is very sporty and enjoys every moment in the outdoors and on the dog sports field that he can spend with his Croatian Shepherd.
  • Knows that he can do almost all outdoor sports together with his dog.
  • Is looking forward to having a new family member who will also be the protective friend of everyone in the family.
  • Owns a cottage with a larger garden so that the dog can roam around a bit in “his territory” at any time.
  • Is happy to have a dog who is not only a master of one discipline, but is adept at many dog tasks.
  • Knows that he can find a certain independence in this dog and knows how to face it with educational yet loving consistency.
  • Likes that this dog would prefer to follow him wherever he goes – if it weren’t for the work sometimes.

Buying Croatian Shepherd puppies

It is not really easy to find a serious and experienced breeder of Croatian Shepherd Dogs in UK. This is because most breeders of this breed are located in Croatia or in the Balkans. Therefore, it may actually be necessary to make a trip to Croatia to meet the right breeder and the corresponding puppy.

The dog breeders there will also, if they are serious, proudly present their breeding line. They, too, will try to sell everything worth knowing about the breed and especially about their dogs. Of course, they also have a lot of tips and tricks for the new owners of their puppies. And they wouldn’t be serious if they weren’t available to answer all questions even after the animal has been handed over.

First equipment for the Croatian Shepherd Dog

  • Dog collar
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash, in addition possibly a drag leash
  • Water and food bowl, if possible easy to clean
  • Dog bed / blanket for the resting place
  • Long hair brush
  • Undercoat brush
  • Dog comb / lice comb
  • Dog food
  • possibly toys
  • possibly treats

Dog food for the Croatian Shepherd Dog

Because of his great urge to move, it is important to keep a close eye on the amount of food he eats. He can quickly eat more than he actually needs. Actually, the Croatian Shepherd Dog is extremely frugal and can manage with less food for short periods without a drop in performance.

But no special food is needed. As a herding dog, he is not used to being spoiled. This is an experience that has been passed on for generations. So he actually eats everything that is offered to him. The main thing is that it is served by his favourite family.

In order to be able to offer a balanced meal, detailed nutritional advice can be given by a veterinarian or veterinary practitioner.


The Croatian Shepherd Dog is a dog with a strong character that needs a task to be at peace with itself. He definitely belongs in the country and that is where he should stay. He loves his family and is happy to participate in any sport. This dog is an enrichment not only for his new family but also for every other person who gets to know him there.


How much does a Croatian Shepherd Dog cost?

The information about the price of a Croatian Shepherd Dog varies greatly. You can find prices ranging from 350 to 1,200 pounds. The important thing should not be the price, but the fact that it is a thoroughly healthy dog with a good breeding line. Buying from a reputable, experienced breeder should be more important than the price. Otherwise, the Puppy Mills would be given a boost, which must be ardently avoided.

Where does the Croatian Shepherd Dog come from?

The name already reveals that this dog originally comes from Croatia. This fantastic dog has been enjoyed for over 1,000 years.

How old does the Croatian Shepherd become?

The Croatian Shepherd is a very robust dog and can live up to 14 years.

How big and heavy is the Croatian Shepherd Dog?

The weight of this dog is between 13 and 20 kilograms. As is so often the case, the bitches are not only a little smaller than the males, but also correspondingly lighter. We can measure about 50 centimetres at the withers.

How many puppies does the Croatian Shepherd Dog have?

A litter of the Croatian Shepherd Dog can vary in size. On average there will be 6 to 8 puppies.

Is the Croatian Shepherd a hunting dog?

This dog is a herding and guard dog. This means that his hunting instinct is quite limited. Should he actually chase another animal, this is done more for the fun of it than for the hunting instinct.

Is the Croatian Shepherd a family dog?

Today, the Croatian Shepherd Dog is a very popular family dog, and not only in its home country. He can adapt well to the circumstances of his family and react optimally in various situations that living together with children entails. For the children, he can become the best friend in the world. However, it should certainly be taken into consideration that due to his original tasks he has a great urge to move. This should be given space right from the start so that he does not get any crazy ideas to create an outlet for himself.

Can the Croatian Shepherd Dog be kept in a (city) flat?

The Croatian Shepherd Dog is not suitable for a flat in general, for a city flat in particular. The reason for this can perhaps already be guessed: It is his strong urge to move. Not only does he need a few long walks several times a day, but he also needs his time during the day to roam around in the garden. Not only does he get exercise this way. No, it’s also his desire to stake out territory and guard “his little flock” and keep it together. He also loves his freedom, which is why he should not be condemned to stay alone or indoors for many hours a day.



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