Miniature Spitz

Strictly speaking, a dwarf spitz is no longer a spitz, as the FCI standard states. The breed “Zwergspitz” has been separated from the others, among other things because of the dwarfing. But this does not disturb the popularity of these small dogs at all. They are very popular, easy to keep and train, and can adapt to any environment. So, it is no wonder that the Miniature Spitz is always popular as a beginner dog. Nevertheless, one should be careful of him – because he has it fist thick behind the ears.

Character of the Miniature Spitz

Yes, it is true. The Miniature Spitz belongs to the mini dogs. But this does not prevent him from wanting to be a very big dog. You can see that his ancestors were watchdogs. He likes to show this part of his personality to the outside world and show visitors that he is the guard of the house, which everyone has to pass. Sometimes he likes to announce this very loud and very extensively. Fear he knows just as little as aggression.

Who thinks he has bought a lap dog with this dog, will be taught better. This dog is intelligent, eager to move and learn and always up for a new venture. In short – with the Miniature Spitz the boredom level will drop to zero. Because boredom is an abomination to him, which he tries to escape with all means.

Thanks to his intelligence and the joy of movement, the little bundle of energy can cut just as good a figure in agility as in dog dancing or trick dogging. Both are like written on his body and provide every day for fun.

The historical background of the Miniature Spitz

The Miniature Spitz can look back to the Large Spitz as ancestors. They were working dogs, guard dogs and sometimes even on the hunt. A good 200 years ago, however, the Zwergspitz were to a certain extent detached from the other Spitz species and bred only as companion dogs. However, they have taken over various peculiarities of their ancestors.

We owe today’s appearance to the breeders from the USA and Great Britain. They had to become smaller and smaller. The coat became silkier and longer. But to have the necessary volume, more undercoat was needed. A rounder head, a more pointed muzzle and larger eyes made this dog look more and more like a doll than a real dog.

Unfortunately, these efforts could not be stopped until today. But it must be clearly stated that all dogs smaller than 20cm height at withers come from a torture breeding. Because for the breeding bitch the gestation period is a real torture, which usually ends in a caesarean section and rarely produces more than 2 young.

That’s why there is always an appeal to the breeders that they should not pursue the distortion any further, but go back to the other direction and give the dog a few centimeters more. In addition to the problem of pregnancy, it should not be forgotten that in the process of dwarfing there can be other, physical damage that can affect the dog for life.

But no matter how big or small the Miniature Spitz is, deep down it is and will always be a Spitz guarding its territory – come what may. Small, but mighty!

The colors of the Miniature Spitz

Very often we find the Miniature Spitz in the almost traditional orange. According to the standard, however, other colors are also allowed. Very often we find, as with its larger siblings, the Medium and Large Spitz, combinations in gray, black and white. Brown tones are rather rare.

The top coat is long and stands relatively straight off. A lot of undercoat is present. And he also needs it. Otherwise, it is not possible for him to show this wonderful coat volume.

Coat care is a very important issue for the Miniature Spitz. Because he must NEVER be clipped. However, since he has a very lush coat with undercoat, there is a great challenge in this point, especially in the change of coat.

What are the requirements of the Miniature Spitz?

This dog hates boredom. So you should come up with a good and varied employment program. As long as this works well, nothing will stand in the way of a harmonious partnership with the dog. In addition to his urge to occupy himself, he also wants to guard his humans and keep his territory under control – even if it is “only” a two-room apartment.

If you have these points under control, this is a wonderful companion dog you won’t want to miss.

The Miniature Spitz and his health

Sometimes the eyes can cause problems and thus need a little more care.

Like many other small dog breeds, the Miniature Spitz exhibits problems with the kneecaps. Any skin problems are due to the dog’s particular hair growth.

The dwarfing leads to other characteristics such as bulging beady eyes, trembling, so-called apple heads, nervousness. The smaller they are, the more likely malfunctions of the locomotor system, nerves and individual organs may be present. For these reasons alone, torture breeding should not be supported.

However, if you find a reputable breeder who will allow his dwarf spitzes a little more size and “normality”, you may find a healthy, robust little guy at your side.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Miniature Spitz

The intensive grooming this dog requires is seen as a disadvantage by many prospective buyers. However, it is simply necessary for the dog’s well-being. Basically, he is easy to lead, loves to use his intelligence in learning tricks. One of his aspirations is wanting to please, so he would even break the habit of barking when defending his territory for the owners.

The dwarfism should not bring any problems. The prerequisite for this is a serious, responsible breeding, in which much attention is paid to the health of the offspring. However, the dwarfing should not be continued. The point at which one has now arrived should not be further exceeded. The welfare of the dog should always be kept in the forefront of breeding efforts.

The perfect human for a Miniature Spitz

The perfect human for the Miniature Spitz is as eager to move as the dog itself and loves to practice tricks with it. Alternating between walks and dog dancing or dog tricking and agility is enough to keep the dog mentally and physically fit. And himself as well.

He also doesn’t mind that the dog’s grooming needs to be done quite intensively.

Buying the puppies of the Dwarf Spitz

If you are interested in a Dwarf Spitz, please look for a reputable breeder, who is not only interested in making money and also not in further dwarfing the dogs. Important is the breeding line, which shows concretely, with which animals as well as their health you have to do it. Let us show you many pictures of the animals and also of the previous litters. Let the character of the parents be explained to you. And above all: Be on the spot, i.e. at the breeder’s home. Do not take over a dog between door and Angel. It is best if the breeder is organized at the VDH and one of the Spitz breeding associations.

First equipment for the dwarf spitz

  • Dog collar
  • Dog harness
  • Dog leash, additionally possibly a drag line
  • Water and food bowl, if possible easy to clean
  • Dog bed / blanket for the resting place
  • Long hair brush
  • Undercoat brush
  • dog comb / lice comb
  • possibly clippers (but these should only be used if you really know how to use them).
  • dog food
  • possibly toys
  • possibly treats

Dog food for the Miniature Spitz

Remember: This little guy is a full-fledged dog, who also wants to eat full-fledged. Gladly you can BARFEN and cook yourself. The main thing is that you have chosen a high-quality food.


He is special and that is why he is such a great dog. You can keep this dog anywhere as long as you follow the rules of employment for him. If the chemistry between you is right, this can be the dog love of your life.


How much does a Pomerian cost?

A real Pomerian is not exactly cheap. Between $2.000 and $2.700 you have to pay, if you want to be a proud owner of this dog. In addition, of course, the special equipment, because in the normal size “S” he will not fit. It is still too big. Also the fixed costs for food, veterinarian etc. should not be disregarded. At this point, many “new dog owners” miscalculate.

Where does the Miniature Spitz come from?

The Miniature Spitz is a German dog. Its ancestors were kept in a certain region in Pomerania. This also explains its second name: Pomerian, Pomeranian, Pomeranian or simply Pomeranian. The separation of this species from the other Spitz species took place about 200 years ago. Since that time, the Miniature Spitz has been bred exclusively as a companion dog. The times of the house and yard dog have been a thing of the past for him since then.

How old does the Miniature Spitz become?

Miniature Spitz are among the top performers when it comes to age. If he comes from a healthy breeding line, is not too small or too “childish”, this little dog can reach the proud age of 16 years. However, to achieve this, a lot of physical and mental balance is as much a part of his life as a “balanced” dog diet and a loving family to care for him.

What is the size and weight of the Miniature Spitz?

According to the standard of the FCI, a height at the withers of 20 centimeters is desirable. There is no specification for the maximum weight.

For the breeder, however, it is very important that the dog is not bred too small, because otherwise, on the one hand, the life expectancy is reduced. But on the other hand, physical complications can also arise, which would show in the course of life.

How many puppies does the Miniature Spitz have?

As with all small dog breeds, especially the dwarf dog breeds, litters turn out to be quite small. In the case of the Miniature Spitz, it could be stated that litters usually consist of one to two puppies, with a maximum of 3. A litter with 4 puppies would be already a big exception. Due to the size of this dog breed, it is quite possible that birth by cesarean section will be necessary.

After all, more important than the number is the fact that the animals are born healthy and can spend a healthy, long life with their people.

Is the Miniature Spitz a hunting dog?

No, the Miniature Spitz is not a hunting dog. He was popularly used as a house and farm dog in earlier times, before he was dwarfed. It was his job to take care of the rodents as well. However, whether he just scared them away or actually hunted them remains to be seen. However, his most important task was to guard the farm. And this he still does today. Certainly in former times one could register a hunting instinct in him, since he belongs to the primeval-typical dogs and his ancestors have stood still closer to the wolf, than this race still does today. However, the hunting instinct is no longer pronounced in most.

Is the Miniature Spitz a family dog?

The Miniature Spitz is an absolute family dog. However, the prerequisite is that he comes to a lively family that does a lot with him. This includes not only long walks, but also various dog sports, which he just loves, because they also appeal to his intelligence: Trick Dogging, Dog Dancing and of course Agility.

He loves his humans. He is very affectionate with children, but still shows them the limits if they push him too much. At the same time, however, the garden or the apartment is his territory, which he will guard and in which he protects his people. Therefore, it is important to allow him to bark or make a long sound only in the important moments from a very young age.

In order to win the Miniature Spitz for the whole family, employment is the most important thing. This is exactly how you will be able to bind him to you. For his whole dog life.

Can the Miniature Spitz be kept in a (city) apartment?

An apartment is not a problem at all for the Miniature Spitz. However, there should be enough options for walking, but also for other activities for the dog. Keep in mind that he has quite a strong urge to move for his size. This must be met, so that he can really exhaust himself. A dog run, a dog meadow, nature, friends with a garden, the dog sports field. If you can meet him in this point, the apartment is a wonderful place where he can feel good.

How old can the Miniature Spitz become?

If he comes from a solid breeding line, an age of 15 – 16 years is quite possible.

Can the Dwarf Spitz be kept in an apartment?

Living in an apartment is not a problem for the Miniature Spitz. However, you must be able to provide him with enough exercise.

How expensive is a Miniature Spitz?

The Zwergspitz belongs to the expensive dogs. The normal price is between $2.000 – $2.700.

What kind of dog training is suitable for the Miniature Spitz?

The best way to keep him busy is dog dancing, dog tricking and agility.

Does the Miniature Spitz get along well with other dog breeds?

If the dog is well socialized and has received good basic training, there is nothing at all in the way of meeting other dog breeds, large and small.


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